Christianity and related topics:

My arguments for being Christian are discussed here: "Why Christianity? Answer in 3 amazing parallels!"

The main arguments in the linked text above are some surprising parallels (bijections) in the Bible!
Since I like bijections (see my Research page), I decided to create a small gallery of Biblical bijections.
Click on each of the images above to see a Biblical parallel witnessing authenticity!

Other links of interest on Christianity:
  1. I am a member of ACMS - "Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences".
    They organize an incredibly interesting biennial conference on math and faith.
    Below are my presentations at this conference, as well as some of my favorite articles from it:

  2. Why Old and New Testament?
    Clarification in this 1h video or in this short text summarizing it!

  3. What happens after death?
    A well-made video on the Soul Sleep view and my blog post listing good arguments for and against it.

  4. Is Saturday the true day of rest nowadays (as written in Exodus 20:8-11)?
    A great lesser-known debate on the subject can be found here!

  5. What is the right interpretation of the book of Daniel?
    Chapter 11 is the key, but it is also the most difficult text in the whole Bible!
    Here is the great book of Jacques Doukhan on the subject and my blog post comparing two main views!

  6. Donald Knuth investigated the Bible using random sampling and beautiful calligraphy!
    See his amazing book "3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated"!


I enjoy practicing and competing in various sports on a non-professional level!

I won 4 intramural tournaments in 4 different sports during my first two years in the PhD program (2015, 2016).
The sports are soccer 5vs5, volleyball 4vs4, badminton singles and tennis doubles [pictures in this order].
Since 2021, I started to train for competitions in an amazing individual sport called Racketlon!

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