Stoyan Dimitrov

I am a Hill Assistant Professor (postdoc) at the Department of Mathematics of Rutgers. My research mentor is Doron Zeilberger.

I obtained my PhD in 2022 at University of Illinois at Chicago, with advisor Bridget Tenner. Before that, I completed a MS degree in Probability and Statistics, and a BS degree in Computer Science, at Sofia University, Bulgaria.

My research interests are in Combinatorics (mainly Enumerative), Probability and Statistics (incl. Machine Learning) and Algorithms.
I have special interest in bijective proofs! (see my research page)

Current activities:

During 2022, I am co-organizing a new online seminar for open problems in Combinatorics. Subscribe to the mail list here.

During Fall 2022, I am teaching History of Mathematics.

List of publications
CV (07/07/2022)
My Teaching thoughts.
My collection of research-related links.
More about me outside of teaching&research (faith, sports, etc).

I always enjoy hearing new research problems from new people!
(see my Contact page).